Ever wish you could eat your way thin? Well, you can, IF you choose the right foods. Here’s a list of foods that make it harder for the body to store fat:  

  • First: Chia seeds. You know how those tiny seeds swell up to ten times their size when we add water to a Chia Pet? Experts say the same thing happens in our stomach after we eat them. And because chia seeds are packed with fiber and protein, just a small serving can get our stomach to release “I’m full” signals long before we overeat. That’s why experts recommend mixing chia seeds with almond milk to make a “chia pudding” and then topping them with raw almonds.

  • The second fat-burning food: Kale. Scientists say kale’s the “most nutrient-dense food on the planet," and it contains enough antioxidants to detoxify the liver for two full days. That’s key because toxins can trigger stress and inflammation, which lead to more cravings for sugar and fried food, the stuff most likely to make us fat. So do your body a favor and make a kale salad, topped with some yellow peppers and tomatoes. 

  • And one more fat-burning food: Avocado. New research shows that the mono-unsaturated fat in avocado can help us lose weight three different ways. First, it switches off hormones that tell our body to store fat. Then, it plumps up our cell membranes, so they’re better able to absorb fat-burning hormones. It also protects our cells from free radical damage, and with healthier cells, experts say we get a healthier metabolism, which burns calories faster.