Facebook isn’t just good for our social life. It’s also good for our career. Here’s why: 

  • First: Facebook can help you land a job. In one study, Facebook pages were a better predictor of a job applicant’s future performance on-the-job than personality and IQ tests. That’s because it gave hiring managers a more realistic impression of the applicant’s personality. Management experts say the pages that impress employers the most contain well-thought-out, grammatically correct posts. But get rid of the crazy party shots. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 3 out of 4 employers never give applicants a chance to explain anything inappropriate in their profile.

  • Facebook also boosts our career by increasing productivity. Research shows that workers who take a periodic 10-minute social media break are 16-percent more productive than those who don’t. There are 2 reasons why: First, our brains need an occasional timeout to get re-energized. Plus, for most of us, seeing what’s going on with our family and friends improves our mood and happy workers get more done.

  • Finally: Facebook can keep us calm when deadlines loom, and the boss is cranky. Researchers at MIT found that spending a few minutes on social media websites slows down the heart rate, and reduces stress levels. That’s because connecting with friends releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, as well as the body’s natural painkiller, dopamine.