If you're constantly hungry in the afternoon, or get severe sugar cravings, you're probably not eating enough of the right foods during the day   and you need to change your habits.
So, here are some suggestions from Lynn Grieger, the Healthy Eating Expert at I Village .com:

  • Eat a big breakfast. Oatmeal is a great start. And you can add protein like peanut butter, yogurt, milk or an egg to your breakfast for long lasting energy.
  • Choose two foods for a morning snack. Some good ideas are fruit with peanut butter or cottage cheese, a protein smoothie, or fruit and nuts.
  • At lunch, eat 3 ounces of protein and lots of veggies for added fiber.
  • Plan a two-food afternoon snack like you did in the morning. Try veggies and hummus, because hummus is a good protein source - And stay hydrated.

Basically, if you're eating enough of the right foods every couple of hours, you're less likely to crave the wrong foods.