Business trips for stay-at-home moms are hot right now. They focus on family and household issues – and projects that attract women who want to earn a few bucks from the kitchen table. 

Basically, the conference world thought – how can we capture an entire segment of the population that doesn’t already go on business trips? And the answer was, by going after people who stay at home – but also need an excuse to escape. 

So event planners, networking organizations, travel companies and consumer-goods marketers started targeting moms by sponsoring conferences and conventions. Now, moms are shelling out hundreds of dollars to attend conferences at hotels and resorts. For example, there’s the “Craftcation” conference – with seminars on the basics of marketing homemade jewelry online. 

The Ritz Carlton recently started hosting the Mom 2-point-0 Summit. They have workshops on hot-button parenting issues, like “Help! My 9 Year Old Wants to Be on Instagram!”

And one of the biggest is the “Blog Her” convention for Mommy Bloggers. This July, they’ll host 5-thousand mommy bloggers in Chicago. 

But it’s not all seminars. Convention-goers can also go to yoga classes, food tastings, and even dance parties.

And since a lot of these stay-at-home moms are very active online, companies like Dove or Whirlpool will sponsor events to get their product in front of these women, who have a lot of control over the family finances – and can influence other women online. In fact, more than half of moms make purchases strictly because of a positive blog review.

But the biggest reason these stay-at-home mom conventions are so hot right now is because moms want an excuse to get away. But since they’re educational and business-themed, moms see the trips as guilt-free getaway.