Scientists think they’ve cracked the code to living longer. Simply walk faster!  That’s the upshot of a new study that found that people who walked at a brisk pace outlived slow walkers.

Australian researchers timed nearly 2,000 senior volunteers as they walked a distance of 20 feet. Then, 5 years later, researchers checked to see which adults were still alive.

The result? Every single person who had walked at a fast pace of at least 3 miles per hour was alive. On the flip side, those who died had all walked at a pace below 2 miles per hour.

So, why does slow walking speed up death? Experts say it’s because slow walking is typically a dead giveaway that a person is in poor health. And their body isn’t strong or fit enough to move at a fast pace like their healthier peers.

So, experts say, to boost your chances of living a long life.  Lace up your sneakers and start a walking regimen. But if you’re already a senior, you can’t cheat death by consciously trying to walk faster. It needs to start long before that. You need to pick up the pace while you’re still able.