I’m a huge fan of high heels. You know, the really tall ones? I think they’re beautiful and can add that certain something to just about any outfit. They can make a woman feel classy or sassy, or put-together. And they can add a boost of confidence when she can’t find it within herself.

I wear heels to work almost every day, and sometimes I bust them out on the weekends. I don’t care that I’m 5’9” and my shoes add 3 inches to my height. In my opinion, they are the perfect accessories.

And though I wear my high heels with love, there’s no doubt that by the end of the day, my feet don’t feel so hot. It’s painfully obvious (in the most literal sense) after I get to the gym - and swap my sassy chick shoes for my sneakers. I won’t lie - there are times I actually breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m not the only gal who swaps comfort for the love of Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson. 20% of women say that at least once a week, they wear shoes that hurt. And I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that heels aren’t so great for our feet. Dr. Ross Taubman, president of the American Podiatric Medical Association, says wearing high heels too often can lead to pinched nerves, bunions and hammertoe – ouch! He explains it’s because high heels concentrate weight on the ball and heel, instead of evenly over the whole foot. Not so good.

While I can’t give up my heels completely, I have started to give my feet a bit of a break. I try to buy a pair of flats every once in awhile – and I make it a point to wear them more often. And now that I live in a place with warmer weather, I have comfy flip-flops and wear those when I can. But I still have to bust out my favorite, cobalt blue suede heels every once in awhile, just to add a little something to my ensemble.