If you’re looking to upgrade your TV this year, know this: Bigger isn’t always better.

That’s the word from Paul Semenza, a TV industry expert who says that in recent years, we’ve become obsessed with our TV’s screen size! In fact, the average screen has grown 2 inches in the past year, to 37 inches – measured diagonally. And as you may have noticed, many of the new TVs in stores right now have screens over 60 inches – which is almost as wide as the average person is tall!

Semenza says a lot of people buy these gigantic TVs for a more “immersive” experience – meaning they’ll feel like they’re really at the game, or at the movies.

But here’s the problem: He says the bigger a TV’s screen, the more space you’ll need in your room to provide the best viewing experience. Not just so the TV fits – but so you’re far enough away from it! Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the front row of a movie theater.

For example, the general rule of thumb is to sit at a distance of about two times the size of your screen. Meaning, if your screen is five feet wide, you should sit at least 10 feet away to watch it.

But the reality is that the average living room doesn’t have that kind of space. That’s why experts recommend shopping for a TV with the best features, rather than the biggest one you can fit in your house.

However, if you have the space, our expert says 46-inch TVs are the way to go. That’s because prices are expected to drop up to 25 percent by Black Friday. Meaning you could get a new 46-inch TV for under $300 in a few weeks.