Fake eyelashes are the hottest beauty trend around. But batting those temporary lashes can cause eye infections. And could even leave you without any real eyelashes of your own. 

As you know, false lashes are applied over your real lashes with a special type of glue, but the glue that attaches the lashes to your eyelid can pull out your real lashes. In fact, hair restoration surgeons are reporting scores of women are requesting eyelash hair transplants that cost thousands of dollars, after having their real eyelashes continually ripped out and damaged by fake lashes. 

Another danger of false lashes? They can trap dirt and bacteria, creating a breeding ground for infection. Actress Kristin Chenoweth recently wore sunglasses on “The Late Show with David Letterman” to hide her eyes after she developed painful swelling from wearing fake lashes.

But experts say you don’t have to give up your fake eyelash habit totally. Just wear them occasionally. And never “double up,” that means applying two layers of fake lashes, which gives a more dramatic look. You may have double the drama, but it also doubles the amount of glue and lashes pulling at your real ones.