Want another great reason to take the TV out of your kid’s bedroom – beyond helping them get more sleep? According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, kids that have a TV in their bedroom have more than triple the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here are the details:

Researchers collected health data and the TV viewing habits on hundreds of children over a 2 year period. Not surprisingly, the kids with TVs in their bedrooms spent more time watching. But what did surprise scientists was how much more damaging bedroom TVs were to their health.

Compared to kids who only watched TV in the family room, children with bedroom TVs were 250 percent more likely to be obese. They were also TWICE as likely to have high concentrations of dangerous belly fat. And they were 3 times more likely to have high blood sugar and elevated levels of heart-damaging triglycerides. In other words, kids with TVs in their rooms had the health profiles of middle-aged men who eat steak on a regular basis.

Except for the increase in viewing time, the researchers aren’t sure why bedroom TVs do so much damage but the results clearly show that pulling the plug on video devices in the bedroom is the smart thing to do.