If you’re looking for work, here’s an important fact about job interviews: They’re not really about whether you can do the job.  It’s more about whether you’re a good fit for the department – and the company.

Carole Martin is the author of "How to Land Your Dream Job in a Tough Economy." And she says companies get so many applications these days, finding someone with the right skills is easy.  So, if you’re asked to interview, they already know you’re qualified. What they’re really trying to decide is whether you and the company will be a good fit.

That means you have to ace questions like, “Describe your personality.” But our expert says that most job candidates think those types of questions are just icebreakers before the real interview gets started. So, they give dull, generic answers like, “I’m organized and motivated.” Or, “I’m good with people.”

What should you be saying instead? Our expert recommends showcasing the ways you’ll mesh with the company culture. For example: Say the ad says, "Must have experience managing a diverse group of employees……"   That shows they value diversity and fairness. And a winning response would be something like, "I enjoy hearing other viewpoints……” or, “It’s important to me to treat people fairly.”

Bottom line: The more details you can sincerely provide that are relevant to the job, the easier it’ll be for the hiring manager to imagine you working just down the hall, or chatting with them over a cup of coffee.