Would you let a smartphone app help name your baby? A lot of parents are these days. Experts say that the old school method of flipping through baby naming books is out – and instead, parents are searching for names on new baby name websites and smartphone apps. And here are a few of the hottest ones:

  • First: If you’re having trouble finding a name that both you and your partner like, try Nymbler.com. You simply enter a name that you like. Then the site generates a free list of dozens of names that fit a similar style – boosting the odds of finding a name both of you can agree on. For example, if you type in Emma, it’ll offer up names like “Olivia,” “Ella,” and “Ava.” 

  • Then, want your baby to grow up to be a future lawyer? Name them Frederic or Cecily! That’s according to the Nametrix smartphone app. It costs a buck and predicts what jobs your baby could have depending on their name. It works by mining millions of pieces of government data, like from the census and political campaign contributions. For example, according to the app:  “Alexanders” are likely to become aerospace engineers, “Isabellas” are likely to be writers, and “Julian” is likely to a surgeon.  Or want your baby to have a name with international flair? You don’t have to troll through global online baby name sites – it’s all at BabyNameVoyager.com. Which lists the most popular baby names in every country.

  • And if you want to crowd source your friends – there are websites like Belly Ballot. They’ll tap your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for feedback on your favorite name choices.

Belly Ballot: http://babynames.net/ 

Nametrix: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nametrix-doctor-or-dancer/id583827076?mt=8