Today’s baby names have never been more retro – or random! That’s according to researchers at, who recently shared the most searched for baby names of 2013.

For example, Grandma and Grandpa names are in! And experts say it’s because a lot of parents are inspired by the popular TV show, “Mad Men” – which takes place in the 1960s. So, for girls – blast-from-the-past names like Millie, Ann, and Betty are surging in popularity. And for boys, the top ten most-searched-for-name list includes Ned, Gus, and Mo – which is a Hebrew name for “son.” In fact “Mo” is the 5th most searched for boys name right now.

Then, thanks to the royal couple – Prince William and Duchess Kate – English and Irish names are surging in popularity. For example, one of the most searched for names for girls is “Eithne," which is Irish for ‘fairy.’ And a top 10 boys’ name is Liam, the shortened version of William. Experts are speculating that if the royal couple has a girl, they’ll name her Diana – and that name will become popular again for the first time since the 80s.

Also, baby names are influenced by pop culture.

For instance, one of the most searched for girl’s names is “Sookie” – a nod to the wildly popular character on the hit TV show, “True Blood.”

And would you name your baby after your favorite place? A lot of parents are – and experts say celebrities started the trend! For example, Reese Witherspoon recently named her baby boy “Tennessee” after her home state. And Alicia Keys named her son “Egypt,” and Mariah Carey’s son is “Morocco.”