Peer-to-peer car rentals have been around for awhile.  Where you can rent somebody else’s car for a couple of hours - or a day. Like with Zipcar, which operates in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Vancouver and colleges campuses, like Florida State. Well, another company is jumping into the peer-to-peer rental mix: GM’s OnStar. And they’d like to expand peer-to-peer rentals across North America.

Experts say that the average car is used less than two hours a day, which leaves a lot of opportunities for short-term rentals. And OnStar is getting ready to partner up with RelayRides in San Francisco. Car owners who want to participate list their cars in the database.  They choose a rental price, say, $10 an hour – and provide the gas. RelayRides takes a 35% cut, and supplies a $1-million dollar insurance policy. Renters use a mobile app to reserve a car, and receive the GPS coordinates for its location. And once they reach the vehicle, they text the company – which unlocks the doors so they can retrieve a hidden key. And when they return the car, they simply lock the keys back inside.

Another plus: Studies show that younger drivers don’t like to go to car dealerships - even when they’re curious about cars. So, peer-to-peer rental would be a hassle-free way to test-drive, say, a Volt or a Corvette to see if you like it.

OnStar peer-to-peer rentals are coming soon – and we’ll keep you posted on the progress.