A lot of so-called “good” career advice we’ve heard for decades isn’t actually good! Career expert Alison Green, who writes the “Ask A Manager” column for US News & World Report, gave us a list of the most popular career myths people fall for:

  • A college degree will guarantee you a job. The truth is that degrees don’t open doors the way they used to because there are so many more grads. That’s why employers increasingly prefer candidates with experience. So, plenty of new grads are staying unemployed for months or even years. How can you get experience while you’re still in school? Try for internships with companies in the field you’re interested in. That will provide you with some workplace experience on your résumé by the time you graduate.
  • Do what you're passionate about and the money will follow. This isn’t exactly true. If you're, say, passionate about engineering, then sure. But if your passion is poetry or painting, your job opportunities will be very limited. The fact is that the people who love what they do for work are the lucky minority. The experts say, you’re better off finding work that’ll make you reasonably happy. And if you like poetry or painting, find a creative field that taps into the same qualities.
  • If you can't find a job, start your own business. Financial experts say that running a business is hard, and it isn’t for everyone. You have to have something people want to buy from you more than from your competitors. You also have to have some savings as a launch pad. And be able to market yourself, do the books, and be financially and emotionally able to build your business – and your income – slowly.

What do you think? Is there any career advice you’ve heard that just doesn’t stack up in the working world anymore?