What do you do if you love playing video games - like “Call Of Duty” - but you feel way too old to play games online against a bunch of teenagers?

Believe it or not, that’s a common problem today. Because statistics show that the average video gamer is 35 years old, but the most popular online gaming sites – like the ones set up for Microsoft’s Xbox, or Sony’s PlayStation – are often full of kids. And that can be irritating for the huge number of older gamers, who want to play without hearing “yo mama” jokes, and dealing with juvenile behavior.

The solution? A growing number of new Websites are now catering to “graying gamers.” The sites have names like Geezer Gamers and The Older Gamers, which has over 57, 000 members! You’ll also find groups for gamers who are policemen, I-T guys, or lawyers – and one just for women, called The PMS Clan.

Also, a site called 2 Old 2 Play has a minimum age of 25, and its founders say they carefully screen applicants for “squeaky voices,” and other telltale signs of adolescence.

Experts say the new sites are designed for people who want a little friendly competition online, but who don’t have the time or energy to compete with kids who seem to spend their whole life on Xbox.

Plus, the sites offer a place where older gamers can relate to one another. Meaning, you can talk about getting the top score in “Centipede,” and you’ll know the other people online will know what you’re talking about!

To go further, check out GeezerGamers.com, 2Old2Play.com, and TheOlderGamers.com.