There are a lot of divorced guys on the market these days. But ladies, not all of them are ready for round two. Here are a few divorced–guy red flags, according to relationship columnist Jackie Pilossoph, author of “Divorced Girl Smiling”: 

  • Red flag guy number one: The jumper. The divorced guy who hates being divorced so much he’ll jump into a relationship with you the moment you meet. Chances are, he's done it with other women, and is less interested in you than he is in being in a relationship. 

  • Another divorced guy to avoid: The little white liar. He lies about little things, like what he ate for dinner, or his favorite hobbies. Experts say that may seem harmless, but it’s a red flag that he’s probably lying about bigger things. Which means trust will always be an issue in your relationship. 

  • Also, avoid Mr. Negative. His divorce was awful and it colored his whole perspective on the world. Everything is a downer. Studies show that negative attitudes are contagious, and the longer you hang out with Mr. Neagtive, the more toxic you’ll be.  

So are there any good divorced guys out there? You bet. Columnist Jackie Pilossoph say these guys are keepers:

  • First, the guy who’s ready to move on. He’s affectionate, he holds your hand in public, he asks about your day. Those are signs he’s open to letting someone into his life. 

  • Another keepers: Mr. Loyal. He isn't in the relationship just for fun times. He stays with you when you’re sick, when someone close to you dies, or if you get fired from your job. That’s the kind of divorced guy who’s ready for round-two of marriage.