How can you tell if someone’s a risk-taker? Just look at their Facebook page. That’s according to University of Missouri researchers who compared Facebook activity with character traits. 

Here are the details: The researchers asked volunteers to take a standard personality test and answer questions about their use of social media. The result:  
  • People who scored high in risk-taking and impulsiveness were the busiest Facebook users. And they tended to update their status, upload photos, and interact with friends frequently. 

  • On the other hand, people who were classified as reserved were more passive users. In other words, they’d maybe scroll through their personal news feed, but they didn’t post much about themselves or actively engage with other people. 

Bottom line: Both personality types spend plenty of time on Facebook; they just use the site differently. The study was originally designed to help online advertisers target the right audience. But you could use the information to plan a first date. For example, someone who has a lot of posts and tags would probably enjoy hitting the rollercoasters at an amusement park. But that might scare away a less-active Facebook user.