Parents: Paying for your child’s education is getting more expensive. That’s because of a new report showing that more parents are taking out “pre-college education loans.” That’s the term for the loans people take out to pay for all the schooling that comes before college, including fees for school starting as early as kindergarten!

So far this year, lenders say the demand for pre-college education loans is up 10%. Experts say some of that demand comes from the fact that most schools are raising fees for activities that used to be free, like sports or glee club. Also, a growing number of parents are choosing to send their kids to private school, where tuitions average almost $22,000 a year.

So, are pre-college loans worth it? First know this: The interest rates on these loans can run as high as 20-percent, which is more than double the rates for college loans! Plus, the repayment periods tend to range between three and seven years. That means you could still be paying off a pre-college loan as you take out a loan to pay for college.

For the safest way to go, experts recommend asking if your child’s school offers a monthly payment plan. That way, you can pay tuition as-you-go, at a low interest rate.