Here’s a question: Who has more power over kids, parents or advertisers? The answer is advertisers!

Researchers from Texas A&M University divided 5-year-old kids into 2 groups. One group watched cartoons containing commercials for French fries. The second group watched the same cartoons with ads for apple slices.

Afterwards, the kids were free to eat either French fries or apple slices.  While receiving either encouraging input from their parents, like “You should choose the one that’s healthiest.” Or neutral input, like “You should choose what you want.”

The result? No matter what the parents said, the kids were more likely to choose the food item they saw advertised.

Experts warn that this study shows that advertisers have more sway over kids than ever. And could convince them to buy anything – unhealthy or otherwise.

So, parents, how do you reduce the power of advertisers? Limit your kid’s daily TV time to 1 hour max to reduce their exposure to commercials. That way, they’re more likely to go with your input, instead of the advertiser with the deepest pockets.