Today more than a-quarter of all couples meet online, through dating websites. But in case you can’t find what you’re looking for on traditional sites, here’s a list of some of the newest dating sites, which cater to very specific dating groups. How specific?  

  • Well, there’s a new site called Date British Guys, which is for women who are only attracted to British men, including those who live in the UK and in North America. 

  • Another “niche” dating site is Farmers Only. Their motto is “city folks just don’t get it.” And it’s for people who want to meet only farmers, ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo fans or anyone else with old-fashioned country values. 

  • What about if you’re into sci-fi? Then check out Trek Passions. While the name suggests it’s for “Star Trek” fans, the site’s owners say it’s for any dater who loves sci-fi and is comfortable describing themselves as “geek to the max." 

  • And how’s this for specific: You can now meet people on It’s the only dating site where ginger-lovers around the globe can sign on and meet redhead singles and friends. 

  • Or if you prefer cats, there’s PURRsonals. It’s for people who want to date other cat owners or just watch a lot of cute videos featuring cats playing keyboards. 

  • Another super-specific dating site is Sea Captain Date. Yup, you guessed it. That one connects men and women who share a love of the ocean. 

  • And finally, if I were still single, I’d be on this site: Tall Friends. It’s for people who find it challenging to meet other tall singles to date. In fact, there’s a “height” field on every profile that the site’s users are required to fill out. And the site promises to help you find a match, even if you’re over seven feet tall.