Would you believe that you can score a hot status symbol for under $2 bucks these days? Simply order a Big Gulp drink. That’s the upshot of new research that shows people automatically equate a gigantic beverage with power.

Northwestern University researchers showed volunteers photos of people holding different-sized drinks and had them rate each person’s status.

The result? Those with the largest drinks got the highest status scores. On the flip side, people holding small cups got the lowest status scores.

So, why is a Big Gulp an instant power booster, despite the fact that it costs a fraction of the price of traditional status symbols like a new BMW? Lead researcher Dr. Derek Rucker explains that ordering a large drink, especially in this penny-pinching economy, makes you seem more confident and successful – personally and professionally.

That’s something to keep that in mind the next time you have a breakfast meeting with your boss, or a coffee date with a new special someone. Order the Venti.