If you’re single, be careful what you post on Facebook! Here are the 5 Facebook faux pas that could scare off the potential love of your life:

  • First: Changing your relationship status too soon. A lot of people are tempted to switch from “single” to “in a relationship” after only a few dates. But etiquette expert Tristan Coopersmith says that can seem desperate, or even creepy. She says you’re better off discussing relationship status changes beforehand, and only making a change when it’s comfortable for both of you.

  • The next Facebook faux pas: Over-posting on the other person’s wall. Kara Pound of the website DatingAdvice.com says that leaving a new message every few hours, day in and day out makes you seem like a stalker. Instead, keep your enthusiasm in check until you get to know each other, and your real-life friends, a bit better. 

  • Another Facebook mistake that can hurt a budding romance: T-M-I. Lisa Daily is the author of Stop Getting Dumped, and she says that different people have different ideas about what’s okay to share in public, and what should stay private--which means, offering a play-by-play of your date, so you can get instant feedback from your online network, not only takes you out of the moment, it’s a violation of privacy. 

  • Then there’s latching onto your new flame’s friends. Cyberdating expert Julia Spira says that immediately contacting everyone on your date’s friends’ list signals that you don’t respect boundaries. You’re better off waiting until you’ve been introduced in person, tagged in several photos, or mentioned in a few of your date’s wall posts before you make that move.