Want a happier relationship? Here are some scientifically tested ways to keep the love alive:

  • First: Pretend you’ve just met. Dr. Terry Orbuch is a psychologist who says that over time, most couples stop asking ‘get to know you questions,’ like: “What did you think of that new TV show?” It’s because we assume we already know what our partner thinks! But as it turns out, couples who spend a few minutes a day discovering something about their partner, feel a stronger bond.

  • A 2nd trick for a happier relationship: Don’t mix arguments. In other words, don’t let an old conflict over money spill into a fight about taking out the trash. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that couples who show an ability to move on from arguments, and not hold grudges, tend to report greater satisfaction in their relationship.

  • Also: Lay off the booze. That comes from Dr. Patrick Hatt, a psychologist who says people who have four or more drinks at a time are less likely to marry, and more likely to divorce if they do! Heavy drinkers also report more “commitment issues,” meaning they’re more likely to stay faithful to their booze, not you.

  • One more trick for a happier relationship: Limit your “tweet” time. Frequent tweeters tend to have shorter relationships. Researchers say it makes sense, because if you’re with the type of person who’s always glued to a smartphone screen, then you’re probably not cut out for the heart-to-heart communication a relationship requires.