Even if you threw away your sugar bowl, and never downed another soda or candy bar, you’d only eliminate about half the sugar in your diet. That’s because sugar – in one form or another - is added to virtually all processed foods. Including those that have a healthy reputation. Here are some of the worst – and most surprising - offenders: 

  • First up: Tomato sauce. It’s not as bad as ketchup – which is 25-percent sugar. But one cup of prepared pasta sauce can contain 20 grams of sugar. That’s two-thirds of our daily-recommended maximum, according to the American Heart Association. That’s why some companies are now making “no-sugar” pasta sauce, like Ragu. If you can’t find that, you may want to make your own. 

  • Another surprising source of sugar: Yogurt. Registered dietician Keri Glassman says that yogurt is packed with calcium and probiotics. And plain yogurt only contains 2 grams of natural sugar per ounce. But the fruit-flavored varieties can have 3 times that much. Which means, a 6-ounce serving of yogurt has almost as much sugar as cotton candy. Your best bet: Buy plain yogurt - and mix in some fresh fruit. 

  • Next up: Granola. Once for ounce, some brands of granola have as much sugar as sweetened cereals with marshmallows.

  • And you can’t escape sugar by eating salad. A lot of dressings – especially fat-free dressings - contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar. You can reduce the sugar AND save money by creating your own dressing with vinegar, olive oil, and your favorite spices.