If you're worried you might be in a dead-end relationship, here are some signs to look for. Because you can't do anything about a problem until you identify it.

  • Secrets. Your relationship may be in trouble if you find out yet another big "secret", like, they're having lunch every month with their ex. If you keep finding things out by accident, how well do you really know them?

  • Hardly any conversation. You hardly see each other because you're so busy, but you still have very little to talk about. You may not have as much in common as you think. And you could be growing apart.

  • You can't stand their family or friends. Children often grow up to be like their parents. So, if you don't like the parents, you may not like your partner as they get older, either. And if you don't like their friends, that means there are certain aspects of their personality you may be turning a blind eye to.

  • It's been 5 years, and one of you still can't commit. If you're still on the fence about commitment after 5 years, statistics show the two of you will probably never get married.

So, now that you know what the signs are, you can take action. Start with counseling, but if the problems persist, you may want to rethink what this person is really bringing to your life.