Singles, if you’re jumping in the dating pool, you might want to look for someone who grew up as a middle child. Here’s why: 

  • First: Middle children are successful. Dr. Catherine Salmon wrote The Secret Power of Middle Children, and she says middle kids learn early that they have to work hard just to get noticed. As a result, they often turn into ambitious, self-motivated adults. Need proof? More than half of all the U.S. presidents were middle children.  

  • Another reason to date a middle child: There’s less conflict. Parenting expert Amy McCready says that middle siblings have to learn how to successfully navigate the moods of their older and younger siblings. So they tend to grow into adults who are empathetic and willing to compromise. 

  • Dating a middle child also means: Less drama. Studies show that, for the most part, middle kids get the least amount of parental attention. So they’re used to relying on themselves for emotional support, and they’re less likely to throw a fit when something doesn’t go their way.  

  • And the last trait that makes middle children a good catch: They’re faithful. Kevin Leman is the author of The Birth Order Book. And he says that as children many middles feel like they’re on the outside looking in and that their younger and older siblings are ganging up on them. So as adults, they’re eager to form a close family of their own. Plus middle children learn early that following rules is the best way for them to get what they want. So when a middle child recites their wedding vows, they mean every word.