Here are the top 4 parenting rules from Dr. Mehmet Oz to help kids stay healthy and happy.

Rule #1: Talk to them. According to Dr. Oz, the most important predictor of success and happiness is not whether your parents loved you.  But whether you knew they loved you. The knowledge increases the levels of oxytocin – the bonding chemical – which helps your kids feel safe. And kids who feel safe learn more, feel more confident, and are more likely to be successful throughout their lives.

Dr. Oz’s second rule of parenting: Be a role model worth copying. Research shows that kids are less likely to follow instructions when parents say one thing, and do something else. For example, if Dad’s a couch potato, saying “Go play outside” won’t cut it. Instead, get outside yourself! The human brain has mirror neurons, which encourage people to copy each other.  Which means if you hike or play basketball, your kids are more likely to do it, too.

Parenting rule #3: Feed your kids good fat. The human brain is about 60 percent fat.  And to work properly, it needs healthy fats, like Omega-3 fatty acids from nuts and salmon.

Dr. Oz’s final rule of parenting: When it’s bedtime, tell your kids to put down their homework and turn off the TV. Kids between the ages of 3 and 12 need about 11 hours of sleep a night to help them grow, and build brain cells. On the flip side, young kids who don’t get enough quality sleep have more academic problems and behavioral problems, including defiance and hyperactivity. Bottom line: Homework can usually wait ‘til tomorrow.  But sleep that’s missed during your kids’ growing years is gone for good.