Here are a few weight loss myths that could be keeping our scale stuck on plus-size:

  • Myth #1: 6 small meals are better than 3 big ones. The truth is, it’s not the number of meals we eat that matters, it’s the number of calories. A recent study found that people who divide their daily calorie intake into 3 meals are no hungrier than those who graze all day. Plus, if portion control isn’t your strong suit, eating more often gives you more chances to overeat, and blow your diet. So, stick with counting calories. 

  • Another weight loss myth: If all your diets have been yo yo diets, where you gain the weight back, you’re doomed to be overweight forever. That’s False. Yes, yo yo dieting is hard on your body, but new research shows that permanent weight loss is possible if yo-yo dieters commit to following a sensible eating plan for life, not just until they lose the weight. 

  • And the last weight loss myth is particularly discouraging: To lose one pound, all we have to do is eliminate, or burn, 3,500 calories. The truth is, we might have to cut 4,500 calories to lose a pound. Dr. Kevin Hall is a weight loss expert for the National Institutes of Health. He says that losing fat is down to our metabolism, which varies depending on our age, and activity level. So, Dr. Hall recommends that instead of focusing on numbers, we exercise, eat right, and concentrate on how much better we feel.