A whopping 80% of workers say they don’t like their current job. And when asked if they were interested in changing jobs, most workers said “yes.” So, why is it so hard to find a job you love? Believe it or not, experts say there are some surprising reasons that have nothing to do with the companies we work for. Here are a few examples:

  • Many people pursue JOBS the way they pursue RELATIONSHIPS. Meaning, they look for the most “attractive” job posting they can find online, and then tailor their résumé and cover letter to match the description. But experts say that’s the same as pretending to be something you’re not, just to get a date with the most attractive person on a dating Website. Because sooner or later, your “true” self will come out, and you’ll both realize it’s not a good fit.

  • You’ve got the wrong idea about “hard work.” Economist Larry Smith says most of us were raised to believe we need to put in lots of hard work to be successful. But some people mistake the words “hard work” for “long hours.” So, they work long hours in jobs they don’t like, thinking it’ll pay off someday. The reality is that most successful people do work hard. But because they chose careers they love, it never feels like “work.”

  • You confused the word “passion” with “interest.” Smith says imagine proposing to someone by saying, “Marry me, because I think you’re interesting.” Chances are, you’re going to stay single for a while. But that’s exactly what most people do when they take jobs in fields they’re sort-of interested in. Smith says that’s not the same as passion. Instead, you need to ask yourself questions like: “What do I do best?” “What am I profoundly curious about?” “What gets me out of bed in the morning?” And “What’s my true passion?”

Answer those questions, and you’ll find a job you love.