Here’s a batch of random health questions from people like you and me, answered by Dr. Oz. 

  • Health question #1: Is it true that the skin of fruits and vegetables contains more nutrients than what’s inside? That’s TRUE. In fact, the peels of fruits and vegetables are rich with fiber, which helps keep food moving through your digestive system. They’re also packed with antioxidants, which are proven to help ward off cancer. So, as long as the skin is thin enough to break with your fingernail, eat produce with the skin on.

  • That brings us to random health question #2: Aren’t the peels of fruits and vegetables full of dangerous PESTICIDES? Dr. Oz says that’s TRUE. But if you’re that worried about pesticides, you should know this: Fruits and vegetables with the thinnest peels tend to absorb pesticides, so, peeling them won’t protect you. You’ll be safer spending the extra cash to buy organic produce, which isn’t sprayed with pesticides.

  • One more random question for Dr. Oz: Which health fads are the most DANGEROUS? There are actually two popular fads that Dr. Oz singles out, because they have ZERO known health advantages.  First, he says don’t bother with colon cleanses, unless you happen to enjoy the feeling, also, unless you have a religious reason for doing it, Dr. Oz says it’s never a good idea to starve yourself by fasting longer than three days.