If you dread going to work, you’re probably suffering from job burnout, meaning it may be time to move on or even switch careers. But sometimes the signs of job burnout are more subtle, and if you don’t recognize them, you may be forced out before you even realize what’s going on. So, here are the signs to look for: 

  • #1: Your job is making you a jerk. If you used to be happy-go-lucky, but now you come home and snap at your family or spend all your social time complaining to friends about your job, you're burned out. Lisa Adams is a certified management coach, and she says she's dealt with a lot of people whose whole personality changed because they hated their job so much. But nobody likes being around a jerk, so the negativity could get you fired. You need to find a way to off-load your stress so you can be more positive. 

  • Another sign of burnout: Your mind is never on your work. If you watch cat videos all day waiting for your next paycheck, you may just get a pink slip. Being checked-out mentally is a sign you’re not engaged in what you’re doing. But to feel fulfilled at work, you have to feel like what you do matters on some level, whether it’s making people’s lives easier or earning the company money. So talk to your boss about how your job plays a part in the company’s success. And try taking on new tasks so you feel engaged in your work again.  

  • The final sign of burnout: You feel like you don’t fit in. Basically, career expert Adams says our happiness at work is controlled by the four C’s – the commute, the compensation, the colleagues, and the culture. And if one or more of those elements are out of whack, we won’t be happy at work. For example, even if the pay or compensation is good, if everybody is a creative hipster and you’re a buttoned up conformist, you won’t fit in with the company culture. So think about the 4-Cs – commute, compensation, colleagues and company culture. If you can’t change any of them, it may be time to find a job that hits all of those marks.