Each day, airlines lose an average of one bag for every 100 passengers who fly! How? Here are the most common reasons why bags are lost:

First: The routing label gets damaged. Meaning after you’ve checked your bag, the label gets snagged and torn as it heads down the conveyor belt. Experts say one way to keep that from happening is to remove any extra straps from your bag that may tangle with other suitcases.

The 2nd reason bags get lost: The attendant types in the wrong destination code. Like typing “LAX” for Los Angeles, when she meant “LGA” for LaGuardia in New York. To keep that from happening, always double-check the routing label before your bag gets sent down the conveyor belt – especially if you have a connecting flight.

One more surprising reason bags get lost: YOU forget to claim them when you land! Believe it or not, that happens more than you think.  Usually because people get distracted by an urgent phone call, or they’ve had too many in-flight cocktails.  So, they just walk right out of the airport! Experts say that’s why it’s important to place ID cards on your luggage – in multiple places – including your name, where you’re staying, and your cell phone number, just in case your bag gets lost.