Here are 3 questions to ask yourself every morning. They come from speaker and author Mallika Chopra, the daughter of Deepak Chopra. She says, by setting an intention at the start of each day, you create a road map of positivity for the next 16 or so hours. Here are the 3 questions to ask yourself:

What will make me feel healthy today? Chopra says, nurturing our bodies helps our minds feel better. So, find one thing you can do each day to benefit your health. Whether it’s taking a walk, or eating an extra serving of fresh produce.

Question number 2: What will make me feel connected today?
Studies prove that our relationships are the root of our happiness. So think of one way you can connect with someone you care about each day.

The final question to ask yourself every morning: What will give me a sense of purpose today? Chopra says, doing one small thing of value is surprisingly uplifting. Whether it’s something that helps your family, yourself or a stranger. So it could be doing something creative that feeds your soul - or as simple as putting a dollar in the collection box for a charity.

So ask yourself those 3 questions every morning to set your intention for the day: What will make me feel healthy? What will make me feel connected? and What will give me a sense of purpose?