At least once in our lifetime, we should ALL work in the service industry. That’s the word from Stefanie Williams, a blogger who’s spent the past five years working as a hostess-slash-waitress-slash-bartender. And even though there are many days when annoying customers make her hate her job, Williams says she wouldn’t trade it for anything, because she believes service jobs can make us all better people. Here’s why:

  • First: Service jobs teach you people skills. Because after years of hearing people complain about drinks being too weak, tables being too small, or food not being cooked properly, you learn how to say the right thing, at the right time. You also learn how to control your temper. After all, people in the service industry rely on tips – which depend on people liking you. And good people skills can help you in almost all areas of life. 

  • Also, service jobs teach you about taking responsibility for your life. Williams says the biggest problem she sees with today’s millennials is their sense of entitlement. A lot of them think they “deserve” a good job right out of college. And they’d rather have no job than a job they think is beneath them. But while they’re still living at home – waiting for the perfect job – Williams is making her rent every month and living independently. Her lesson? Instead of waiting around for a good opportunity, take an opportunity and make it good yourself.

  • One more thing a service job can teach you: Respect. You learn how hard busboys, barbacks, dishwashers and food runners work. It’s humbling and often thankless. But the customer is not superior to the person waiting on them. And someday, the tables may be turned. The service industry teaches you to have respect for people at all levels, in all positions.