Here’s a short-course in decoding first date conversation - and spotting the red flags that signal trouble’s ahead: 

  • The first red flag: Your date tells you they’ve never had a serious relationship. Sarah Anderson is a psychologist who specializes in couples counseling. And she says that’s usually a sign of commitment issues. And most people don’t start working on those issues until they’ve had a string of ruined relationships. 

  • Another tricky dating red flag: They say, “I’m between jobs.” Julie Spira is the author of The Perils of Cyberdating. And she says that the bad economy has created a lot of unemployed singles. So, it’s important to determine whether yours is a victim of tough times, or just irresponsible. The trick, pay attention to how they bring up the subject. In other words, if they share their jobless status openly, they’re probably on the up-and-up. But if they’re evasive, they may be trying to hide the truth. 

  • And you might think the last one is a good sign: Your date says, “I’ll call you.” But there’s a BIG difference between saying “I’ll call you,” and, “I’ll call you Wednesday.” Experts say that if your date doesn’t provide a time frame for reconnecting, they either weren’t really interested or they have issues that prevent them from following through in a relationship. Either way, you’re better off without them.