Ladies, if you’re in the dating scene, it isn’t just about knowing what to look for in a mate it’s also about knowing what to stay away from. So we turned to dating columnist, Audrey Irvine, to find out the top three guys that are total dating deal-breakers.

First deal-breaker is the one-upper. This is the guy who always has to top everything you’ve done or every story you tell. If you ran a half marathon, he just finished his third triathlon. If you’re working on your master’s, he’s got a PhD. Irvine says a man like this can get exhausting because his experiences will always be bigger and better than yours. So before you consider seriously dating a one-upper, think about how you’ll feel when you’re celebrating a big work promotion and he’s already figuring out how to top you!

Next dating deal-breaker is the back-in-the-day Guy. He’s the guy who’s always talking about the touchdown pass he threw in high-school, or re-living moments from his frat-house days. Irvine says there’s nostalgia and then there’s “get over it already.” So if those memories are ten years old or older he’s a dealbreaker!

And the final dating deal-breaker the perfect-in-public Guy. The P-I-P is great when you’re out to dinner with friends but he never turns it off. He always has to be the funniest, loudest person in the room even when it’s just the two of you watching TV. The P-I-P is masking some deep insecurities. But unless you’re a therapist with some time on your hands leave the P-I-P for the next girl!