If you’re sending out tons of résumés, and not getting any responses, you might want to rethink your methods. Here are the three job-search mistakes that could be to blame:

  • You're applying for jobs you aren’t qualified for. It’s easy to say, “I could do that job,” or “I’ve done some of those things.” But résumé expert Kelly Donovan says that – ideally – you should meet all of the required qualifications for a job. But at the very least, you need at least three-quarters of the skills and experience they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

  • You treat every job listing the same. Career coach Marcia LaReau says that if you aren’t getting at least one interview for every ten résumés you send out, you’re not doing enough to customize your applications. So, make sure your résumé includes any keywords used in the ad you’re responding to. As a rule of thumb, it should take at least two hours to fine-tune each application. If you believe you’re the right person for the job, you need to take the time and effort to prove it.

  • Not working every angle. Tony Beshara is the author of The Job Search Solution. He says that 70 percent of job seekers apply to online listings from home and think they’re done. But even if the hiring department likes your résumé, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll check out your LinkedIn and Facebook pages. So, keep them updated, and looking 100 percent professional. And make sure you network like crazy! Our expert says that one of the best ways to get noticed is to meet-and-greet at trade shows, conferences, and gatherings specific to your industry. If that sounds like a lot of work – it is. Experts say that job seekers should spend at least 40 hours a week hunting for their next position.